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<b>Chime Lines</b> is a wind chime made up of eight pipe-chimes tuned to a musical scale and arranged to correspond to the compass rose. (N, NW, W, etc.) <b>Wind Buoy</b> consists of two identically tuned components-a rectangular steel box and a stainless steel pipe. When the attached rubber mallet strikes the pipe, from the forces of a wind, the pipe and steel box softly sing a sweet haunting pure tone. When wet, the oak wood strips of <b>Hygrometus I</b> attached to the stainless steel spring expand with incredible force, causing the entire work of art to curl. When dry, the oak shrinks, allowing the work to become an open arc.
<b>Clavichord</b> consists of eight turned 'strings' employing metal strapping. Each string may be played by striking it with one of the eight wooden dowels hanging from webbing, or simply watch and listen as the wind causes the dowels to strike the strings. <b>Gazing Maze</b> is a box containing 9 double-silvered mirrors each free to be rotated exactly 90 degrees. While looking into one of the 12 holes around the perimeter, a viewer may be surprised and possibly enlightened by the perspective chosen. <b>Field of Vanes</b> is made up of 30 micro weathervanes with dichroic glass filters employed as the vane component. Each vane makes the micro wind climate visible as it propagates across the grouping. When walking through Field of Vanes, your body disturbs the cohesive nature of the wind and the weather vanes nearest you, turn and follow your walk through the work.
Each level of <b>Strata Various</b> responds to both wind direction and wind velocity making visible the subtle and not-so-subtle differences. If you watch from below, you notice that the differences are in themselves fluid and ever changing, forming a wave that propagates vertically up and down. <b>Douglas</b> rotates in a wind, but surprisingly, will not rotate faster than approximately 1 revolution per second not matter the wind velocity or someone manually turning the center aluminum pole. In concert with the wind, the vertical ropes of <b>Wind Wave</b> trace the movement of the wind in a graceful ballet while the unexpected order of the ropes is maintainted.
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About the Artist


Michael Oppenheimer

During his childhood on an isolated cattle ranch high in the Rocky Mountains of Southwest Colorado, making play with the available common natural stuff of mountain life, Michael Oppenheimer came to appreciate the limitless connectedness of all that is.
Deeply influenced by those early years of exploration, Michael has created works of art reminding us to take note of the complexity and beauty of that which we might have accepted as ordinary in our everyday surround.
Presently, Michael is the founding Member and Principal Artist of Windy Hill Art, LLC. Michael is now working to make the forces of nature, such as the wind and humidity, become manifest in surprising, inviting, interactive kinetic works of art. His work may be seen at various outdoor galleries as well as his own eight-acre art park adjacent to his studio located in Northwest Washington State.




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