Kinetic Environmental Sculpture by Michael Oppenheimer
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Michael Oppenheimer - outdoor kinetic artistAbout the Artist
“The profundity of discovery is that it demands ownership. One cannot discover for someone else. Discovery is intensely personal, it is learning, it is the process of making connections that will last a lifetime. Discovery is painless, it is sought out from the
moment of birth and driven by that wonderful
innate human trait, curiosity.”
Michael Oppenheimer

During his childhood on an isolated cattle ranch high in the Rocky Mountains of Southwest Colorado, making play with the available common natural stuff of mountain life, Michael Oppenheimer came to appreciate the limitless connectedness of all that is.

Deeply influenced by those early years of exploration, Michael has created works of art reminding us to take note of the complexity and beauty of that which we might have accepted as ordinary in our everyday surround.

Presently, Michael is the founding Member and Principal Artist of Windy Hill Art, LLC. Michael is now working to make the forces of nature, such as the wind and humidity, become manifest in surprising, inviting, interactive kinetic works of art. His work may be seen at various outdoor galleries as well as his own eight-acre art park adjacent to his studio located in Northwest Washington State.

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