Kinetic Environmental Sculpture by Michael Oppenheimer
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Media & Related Links
  • Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition: A biennial sculpture exhibition that provides outstanding sculpture from the Northwest and points beyond in the beautiful downtown setting of Bellevue, WA. (

  • A kinetic art and sculpture organization that provides knowledge, resources and a place for kinetic artists from around the world to interact with those that are interested in kinetic art and sculptures.  

  • Westcott Bay Institute for Art & Nature:  is a sculpture park on San Juan Island, WA.  The trails throughout the 19 arce reserve are interspersed with interpretative displays about nature and a rotating exhibit of over 100 sculptures, creating an outdoor museum for all ages. Sculptures include works in bronze, stone, wood, metal, glass and ceramic by noted artists from the Pacific Northwest.

  • Byxbee Park, Palo Alto, CA: once a retired landfill, this park is now an outdoor sculpture garden that balances the needs of capping and reclaiming a landfill with artistic expression. It is unique in the way it incorporates art into the park design. The chosen design team consisted of artists Peter Richards and Michael Oppenheimer and Hargreaves Landscape Architects and Planners.

    Byxbee Park Map:  (
Kinetic Art Museum Exhibits

outdoor kinetic art - wind bouy
  • Mindport, Bellingham, WA: Mindport is a museum of exploration, observation, creativity, play, and, last, but not least, fun.

  • The Exhibit Guys: are a small group of exhibit designers and builders with a wide range of experiences. They believe that well designed and carefully thought out exhibits are what give your museum it's soul. (

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