Kinetic Environmental Sculpture by Michael Oppenheimer
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Windy Hill Art Sculpture Park
Windy Hill Art invites all who are interested to visit the sculpture park adjacent to the Windy Hill Art Studio/shop. An eight-acre mix of wetlands, grasslands, and forests is open to the curious public from dawn to dusk everyday. 
Come unannounced, take an offered brochure that describes each work of  interactive environmental sculpture that you might discover during your wanderings. Linger for as long as you like.  If the weather is mild and the breeze is gentle, bring a blanket, and picnic while watching Field of Vanes or the redwing blackbirds, the ducks, the herons, and the occasional bald eagle. Or play with the mirrors of Gazing Maze with a friend, or rotate Douglas until you get dizzy, then lay below Strata Various and vision the earth spinning the blue air above. 
Or on stormy dynamic weather-days, brace yourself against the wind and listen to the forlorn moan of Wind Buoy, the bright notes of Chime Lines, or the metallic slapping of Iris as one of its twelve-foot ‘leaves’ flips back on the other. Just as with the weather, no two days are ever alike at Windy Hill so visit and enjoy often.

Windy Hill Art
1825 South Nugent Road
Lummi Island, Washington


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